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For those who love to swim...

Does your dog swim? If so, he probably needs regular ear cleanings. Water gets in the ear canal during swimming or bathing and creates a warm, moist environment perfect for causing an overgrowth of yeast or bacteria. You will want an ear cleaner that dries out the ear. Don not use alcohol or witch hazel, as these can irritate and be painful in the ear. I recommend Epi-optic Ear Cleaner. It is safe, and helps dry those swimmer's ears out.

If you need help cleaning ears or want to be taught the proper way to do it, message me. I'd be happy to help!

**Do not clean ears if red or irritated, have a funny smell, or if the dog is shaking his head or scratching at his ears. You could do damage if the eardrum is compromised. See your veterinarian for an exam first.

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